Our Technology

CRT® Explained:

Controlled Resonance Technology was developed by Nakymatone.

CRT does not use conventional drivers to reproduce sound. Conventional drivers displace the air from the cone in a similar way as the good oldgramophone did. Resonances are avoided with conventional technology to eliminate coloration. CRT on the other hand uses a soundboard much like a musical instrument to reproduce sound. The soundboard uses resonances to generate soundwaves. By generating resonances originating from multiple locations on the board a broad frequency range can be generated within very small fluctuations in amplitude.

In the design every detail is taken into account from the construction of the soundpanel, including the finishing with plaster, drywall compound, or other surface finishing, to the internal sound absorption and the acoustically tuned back box. During the design the theoretical approximation created with computer simulations is only a starting point. The further design is done with the help of real life testing using measurements both electronic and acoustically. But above all the most critical measuring instrument is used; the human ear.

Musicality is always the determining factor; specifications on paper will always be secondary for Nakymatone.